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Offering performance and masterclasses for all ages with the band covering blues, soul/jazz and Jam Band rock.

Class descriptions:

History of Blues- an examination using audio and video materials covering field hollers to modern day blues

Hammond Organ master class-a study of basic use and playing of the Hammond B3

Jazz/Blues class- covering how to play blues music that has elements of Jazz

Jam Band class- picking 5 essential songs that students will get sent in advance to be played and analyzed.

Writing Music-master class examining the composition concepts of writing songs

Rhythm Section Class- how to approach playing in a rhythm section.

Blues/Jam Band Guitar Masterclass-discussing Chicago and modern styles of blues and jam band guitar. TBone,BB King, SRV,Dicky Betts and Jerry Garcia.

Blues Piano Masterclass-examining classic styles of Piano Otis Span,Pinetop Perkins and Albert Ammons


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Masterclass with the Bruce Katz Band

Limited one on one instruction for Guitar, Bass,Piano,Organ and Drums.
Final concert and jam with the Bruce Katz Band open to the public.