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Think about songs that you love to listen to, songs you comb through your CDs or playlists for because you just have to hear them. Don't take these songs you love for granted. Somewhere, sometime, someone sat around (or walked around) and started writing that song. It probably started with a lyric or a melody, but possibly with an objective or even a "cause" in mind. And though these songs may have started out easy for the songwriter (inspiration!), they were each the result of songwriter crafting and work (perspiration!). In this workshop, we will work towards developing your inspiration and crafting a memorable song.


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Don Lowe Songwriting Workshop

Workshop goal: to complete one song.

(Prior to the workshop, students are instructed to bring in one song that is a personal favorite. They are also instructed to start constructing a song, if possible, that can be the genesis of the song they complete by the end of the week.)

Monday: Introductions. Analyze the elements of each favorite song and explore what it is about the song that speaks to the individual in such a positive way.

Explore the elements of songwriting in a general way. Begin applying the songwriting concepts to the song the student may have started.

Tuesday: Check on progress of the each person’s song. Begin to look at structure and also the song’s tag line. (I use the term tag line for the big line – sometimes the song’s title – that the song hinges on: “And she’s buying a Stairway to heaven…” “Take it to the limit – one more time…” “Why not take All of Me…” etc.

Wednesday: Review the song and again discuss the “favorite: song. Compare it with the student’s song. Go over lyrics and melody. Might be some quiet time here to find a space and work privately before we re-gather and go over the song again.

Thursday: Work through the song. Look at all elements and do some tweaking. Perform the song for the class.

Friday: A quick rehearsal allowing time to go over the song within the group one more time after which we perform the song’s in a showcase.